Merchants joined

Investment is a two-way choice of opportunity, just as love, like asking for mutual accommodation. If the business as a man, then the franchisee is the woman. The man must display his own strength and his own standard of spouse selection. The woman must also meet the requirements of the man according to his own conditions. If the conditions are met, then it is a good thing for both parties. If the conditions are inconsistent, barely together, then it will be a loss for both parties. If the improper choice of franchisees, in the future market operations will be due to lack of franchisee operating capacity, affecting the normal operation of the market, due to sales up, franchisees blindly to manufacturers to support, and manufacturers often support sales and sales Linked to the franchisee can not give too much support, leading to disjunction of cooperation, will lead to the franchisee's "death."

Join conditions

Merchants and joining are inseparable, enterprises and investment should be targeted, you can not blindly dream of a catch all river fish. Select the franchisee for their own, in good faith to cooperate, after the end of the Merchants will have promise will be the only way to achieve a virtuous circle, to ensure that the post-investment work in an orderly manner. No matter what kind of business means, investment is not the purpose of misappropriating money, but to serve the sales of products.

Join advantage

1, have a good reputation, sincere and long-term cooperative attitude in the region have a certain channel influence;

2, familiar with the market, have more abundant product resources, strong physical card distribution ability or have rich sales terminal resources in the region;

3, a more professional marketing team responsible for channel development, to achieve the laying of channels;

4, can fully tap their own and various channels of resources for full promotion work;

Joining process

Franchise, power of attorney, audio-visual materials, investment brochures, product brochures, solid model room, investment managers and clients communicate to enhance trust to increase franchise rate.